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My Team available to clients

When the scope of a communications project requires additional expertise, I collaborate with other professionals whose expertise and experience complement my own. These include the following.

Communications strategies RM_Miles_PR_Team
All facets of the communications process — research, message development, program creation and implementation, media relations strategies and evaluation — come together in this communications leader. With over 25 years experience, he has provided corporate strategic communications counsel to numerous corporations from financial services to telecommunications and hi-tech. Based in New York City.

Business & consumer media placement
Accurately known as "the golden Rolodex®" of media relations, this expert in national media placement has successfully delivered print and broadcast results for blue chip corporations and CEOs in a variety of industries, including financial services, business consulting, legal, technology, telecommunications and retail. Based in New York City and Santa Fe, NM.

Consumer media placement
This innovative strategist produces superior placement results from effectively targeted consumer-focused media relations. With a quick grasp of concept and need, he is especially strong on creative development that results in precise product positioning; he is a master of creating exciting execution possibilities that produce results. Based in New York City.

Corporate branding and communications
A proven B2B marketing professional, he has more than 20 years of experience in marketing and marcom, public relations and corporate visibility with a special focus on technology. A strong and creative leader, he excels in strategic planning, positioning and branding. Based in Boise, Idaho.

Financial analyst and investor relations
With many years of financial experience in the US and Canada, he has intimate knowledge of the needs of institutional account executives, investment analysts and portfolio managers. His produces effective investor outreach programs and road shows that match clients with sell-side analysts, institutional value investors and high-net-worth account managers. Based in Toronto and New York City.

Executive media training
Dedicated to conveying precise messages among targeted audiences through effective media presentations, he helps senior managers and their teams craft persuasive corporate messages and develop techniques to present them, which allow these executives to meet their chosen media markets with the confidence. Based in Atlanta.

Hispanic outreach
With more than 20 years of experience in business development, banking, marketing and management, this Hispanic communicator has keen insight into the impact ethnicity has on business communications, as well as the cultural nuances that offend and those that sell. With experience in both the public and private sectors, his insight is invaluable when seeking to reach Hispanic audiences. Based in San Francisco.

A new global network of senior independent public relations consultants, InfiniteLatitude® is a global network of senior independent public relations consultants. It offers clients access to top-notch strategic communications international, without the cost often associated with retaining traditional network agencies.

Launched in March, 2012, InfiniteLatitude connects two dozen corporate communications professionals in China, Denmark,
Ecuador, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States and with the expectation to expand further.

Each InfiniteLatitude® professional has a minimum of 15, some with 30, years of experience; and several of the team members have previously held top in-house management positions. All operate from small shops, often collaborate virtually, and maintain low overhead demands.

The network is focused primarily on subsidiaries of major multinationals and smaller to mid-sized firms. To those, the alliance provides an efficient yet high-quality gateway to international corporate communication. This ability to deliver cross-border business communications strategically, consistently and professionally provided the foundation for the branded name InfiniteLatitude.

Call me at 617-771-1212, and let's talk about what I can do for you.

Or email me at rmmiles@mac.com.