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Experience you can rely on...


Creating content that immediately hits the mark -- and doesn't

break the bank -- is a goal that is often easier said than achieved.
That's where I come in.


My experience creating both short-form and long-form content for multiple industries can simplify your development process... and keep you on budget.


My 30 years of experience began with major-market daily newspaper writing and editing, then has been enhanced with work in these areas:

     >  Corporate communications for multiple industries,

             -  Employee communications

             -  Executive support

             -  News materials

             -  Policy papers

             -  Shareholder outreach

     >  Case studies and applications briefs,

     >  Marketing communications

     >  SEO writing and editing, and

     >  Technical magazine writing.


I have gained this experience working in industries ranging from telecom and tech manufacturing to

banking and real estate. And because I have worked on both the agency-side and the client-side, I appreciate the special requirements of both.


While I usually work off-site from Boston's North Shore, I am a team-player, support group efforts, and can meet on-site as needed.


Let's discuss how I can meet your content creation needs. Call me at 617-771-1212, or email me at



If you would like more details about Richard Miles' experience, or would like to discuss a potential project,

please send me an overview of your needs at I'll respond promptly.


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