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On target, on time, on budget

Creating content that immediately hits the mark -- and doesn't
break the bank -- is a goal that's often easier set than achieved. That's where I come in. My deep experience across multiple
industries can simlify your content creation process... and
keep you on budget.

My 30 years of experience
. . . major-market daily newspaper writing and editing,
. . . agency copywriting and client interface,
. . . B2B corporate communications for multiple industries,
. . . SEO writing and editng,
. . . technical magazine writing,
. . . investor communications...
. . .for industries ranging from telecom and tech to banking and real estate.

Because I have worked on both the agency and client sides, I appreciate -- and can satisfy -- the needs of both facets of the communications business.

My approach is collegial and suupportive of team efforts, yet I work well as a solo contributor and am responsive to last-minutes changes of focus, direction and content.

While am I based on Boston's North Shore, I am able to meet and work with clients in situation remote from my own office, and offer a worldwide network of senior communications contacts should you need global outreach.

Let's talk and develop a plan that meets your needs.
Call me at 617-771-1212 and let's begin solving your communications problems.
Or email me at rmmiles@mac.com.




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