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On target, on time, on budget

When you must create precise messages accurately, on time
and on budget, that's when my considerable experience can
provide you with the editorial solutions you demand.

My 30 years of experience
. . . major-market daily newspaper writing and editing,
. . . agency copywriting and client interface,
. . . B2B corporate communications for multiple industries,
. . . SEO writing and editng,
. . . technical magazine writing,
. . . investor communications... among other areas of business outreach.

Because I have worked on both the agency and client sides, I appreciate -- and can satisfy -- the needs of both facets of the communications business.

My approach is collegial and suupportive of team efforts, yet I work well as a solo contributor and am responsive to last-minutes changes of focus, direction and content.

While am I based on Boston's North Shore, I am able to meet and work with clients in situation remote from my own office, and offer a worldwide network of senior communications contacts should you need global outreach.

Let's talk and develop a plan that meets your needs.
Call me at 617-771-1212 and let's begin solving your communications problems.
Or email me at rmmiles@mac.com.




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